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For more information please review our cookie policy. The Ladder makes action easy. We mobilise the public to create new initiatives that target global goals, locally. Pro bono service for people - free design sprint and facilitator training for everyone committed to co-create new initiatives at our workshops.

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Innovation training and professional facilitation of design sprints available for enterprise and government. Technology to map local issues, resource new initiatives and report on impact made towards global goals, locally. The Ladder Global Goals Accelerator. Our programmes: - Community. See More See Less. Live Events 2 Past Events Multiple Dates Hands-on 7 step storytelling for social media.

FilmMedia Course. Still, word choice is important, especially for academic and professional writing, so you will need to know the difference between these confusing words. In this post, I will compare latter vs. I will use each word in at least one example sentence, so you can see how it appears in context.

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Latter as adjective:. Latter is used as an adjective which means occurring or situated nearer to the end of something than to the beginning. The latter half of is my favorite era.

Latter also denotes the second or second mentioned of two people or things. The Russians could advance into either Germany or Austria—they chose the latter option.

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Ladder as noun:. Ladder is used as a noun which means piece of equipment consisting of a series of bars or steps between two upright lengths of wood, metal, or rope, used for climbing up or down something. He held the ladder while Sara fixed the bulb.

Game of Thrones - Littlefinger "Chaos Is A Ladder"

They might be loath to admit it, but the New England Patriots keep maturing into a latter-day image of their old American Football League rival, the Oakland Raiders. After hitting the top rung of its ladder in , the housing market began to slide until , when the number of houses sold yearly began to climb. The Herald Palladium.

A year-old youth sustained injuries on his spine, face and limbs when the hydraulic ladder on which he was perched, to clean lamps on the medians of Grand Southern Trunk Road in Tambaram, collapsed. The Hindu. Ladder or latter:. Despite their similar pronunciations, these words are not interchangeable, so you will need to remember the difference between these confusing words.

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A ladder is a device with rungs that allows people to climb to high places.