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The Climbers

This huge gathering of rock climbers from all over the country provided a wealth of talent to give our replica wall a go. Javier Luna congratulating Casey Crowder on his winning the event with a time of Rick Weber is belaying in the background. After announcing our Border Wall Comp on the Rock and Ice website, the project went insanely viral on many major media outlets. For a week leading up to the Comp and during the event, I was bombarded with interviews and video shoots. Although I anticipated competitors using other methods to scale the wall, such as ropes and ladders, almost all chose to free climb the structure.

When the Comp came to a close on Saturday, 65 competitors had plied their climbing skills on our Wall.

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All three made ground-to-ground ascents in under 14 seconds. Our replica was constructed to exact dimensions of the foot-high bollard-and-plate design of the Wall now being installed at the U. There are two versions of this design, the only difference being the overall height. The shorter one is 18 feet high and seems to be the one most commonly installed at this time.

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To keep our construction costs reasonable, I chose to build this replica of the foot version and to use wood instead of steel. Rick Weber with his replica border wall! The higher version of the Wall tops out at 30 feet. Don't go rogue—trails are there for a reason.

Respect and not disturb the treasures of our history. Don't leave behind evidence of your ascent. Brush it off.

That includes micro trash and fruit peels. The Climber's Pact.

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Commit to The Climber's Pact: Be considerate of other users Park and camp in designated areas Dispose of human waste properly Stay on trails whenever possible Place gear and pads on durable surfaces Respect wildlife, sensitive plants, soils, and cultural resources Clean up chalk and tick marks Minimize group size and noise Pack out all trash, crash pads, and gear Learn the local ethics for the places you climb Respect regulations and closures Use, install, and replace bolts and fixed anchors responsibly Be an upstander, not a bystander.

Local Ethics How to not piss off the locals. Learn More Park Park like a champ to preserve access.

Panpatia Col Expedition 2017 - THE CLIMBERS

Learn More Gear Don't be a junk show. Learn More Bolts What every climber needs to know about fixed anchors.

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In these portraits we are reminded that great climbers are still people, sharing the same humor motivation, and humanity as the rest of us. We are indebted to Herrington for his persistence and vision, as we are left with a truly remarkable body of work. We rate this as a must-own book. It is as if Richard Avedon had photographed mountaineers rather than movie stars, minus the props and gimmicks.

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He has somehow managed to capture in their eyes the visionary zeal of their youthful climbs. The photographer's tone might be summarized in a single word: respect, and you can't help feel that in the best of these shots something like the climber's soul has been revealed. The portraits document in searing detail many of the preeminent founders of the sport.