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Uncovered secret 2: Surrender is not the same as compliance. Why do so many addicts do everything right in treatment, get discharged, only to relapse hours later? It is no coincidence that the step program, which is so successful for those who work the steps, begins with admitting you are not in control and handing yourself over to a higher power. And I suppose, in many ways, I have been nothing more than a religious addict; eager to comply with all of the rules and regulations so when I come face to face with my Maker, He can look at my life and see how well I highlighted verses in my Bible and recited my morning prayers.

Not even myself.

SURRENDER ~ The Secret to an EXTRAORDINARY Life ~ Guided Meditation

Sure, a few trials back I was good to admit that God was in full control, but now? Now, I am not so sure.

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It was because I was discouraged. Disappointments are a part of life, but allowing them to give way to discouragement is something we choose. I love this.

I agree with this. But I fail at it often.

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And by often, I mean yesterday. As someone who so easily allows unexpected circumstances to take control of me, I find great comfort in this. Sign In or Create an Account. Sign In. Advanced Search. Article Navigation. Close mobile search navigation Article Navigation. Volume Cite Citation.

Secret Surrender by Priscilla West

Permissions Icon Permissions. Article PDF first page preview. Issue Section:. You do not currently have access to this article. Download all figures. Operation Sunrise , or the Bern incident , refers to a series of secret negotiations from February to May between representatives of Nazi Germany and the Western Allies of World War II to arrange a local surrender of German forces in northern Italy. The meetings provoked Soviet suspicion that the Americans were seeking to sign a separate peace with the Germans and led to heated correspondence between Joseph Stalin and Franklin Roosevelt , an early episode of the emerging Cold War.

Secret Surrender

Roosevelt denied that there were any negotiations for surrender taking place in Switzerland. Dulles, however, appears to have made a verbal agreement to protect SS General Wolff from prosecution at the Nuremberg Trials as they worked out details of surrender.

Churchill referred to the negotiations as Operation Crossword , apparently because he found them puzzling. President Harry Truman officially closed down talks with the Germans in Switzerland, and made sure that a Russian general was represented at the talks in Caserta , Italy that finalized the surrender of the entire force.

On 23 February , Dulles accepted Wolff's offer to explore terms of a local surrender.

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On 12 March the U. Averell Harriman , notified Vyacheslav Molotov of the possibility of Wolff's arrival in Lugano to conduct negotiations on the German army's surrender in Italy.

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On the same day, Molotov replied that the Soviet government would not object to talks between American and British officers and the German general, provided that representatives of Soviet Military Command could also take part in them. Meanwhile, on 15 and 19 March, Wolff discussed details of how an actual surrender would proceed with American general Lyman Lemnitzer and British general Terence Airey. The Soviet government considers this absolutely inadmissible. Wolff and his forces were being considered to help implement Operation Unthinkable , a secret plan to invade the Soviet Union which Winston Churchill advocated during this period.