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Aside from Greek and Turkish cuisine, other Balkan cuisines are not so popular around the world.

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This cookbook will map the cuisines of the Western Balkans and beyond, where dishes are still prepared in a traditional way. Sarma, ajvar, tufahije, goulash, shopska salad, baklava, strudla, and home-made filo pastry…. We want to find out, with a dose of humor, where the region of Ajvar is located and how widely it is spread around We also wish to keep and promote some of the specific flavors of the region, such as elder flower, quince, plums, apricots, peppers, carrots, potato, lard, lamb meat, intestines, grilled minced meat, fried onion, okra, parsley, dried basil, paprika, the many and varied ways in which dough is prepared and sweets from Turkish Delight to Viennese-style cakes, as well as many others.

We have already collected 75 recipes.

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We expect to use around recipes in total, together with recipes from Albanian and Bosnian and Herzegovina. Every dish will have its own photo, and some of them are already presented here.

Usine Grecque - Restaurant Cuisine Grecque Le Village/Centre Sud, Montréal

We will keep the same headings as in the first book. We also work with the same team and hope to keep high standards of graphic design and print. This cookbook will be published in English in the beginning of April Through this work, we have explored the history of people and their traditional foods, as well as the migration of people and the small changes that migration brought about in names of dishes and methods of cooking.

Most of the dishes have been photographed at events organized by our partners, but some we prepared ourselves. In addition to recipes we are collecting and photographing traditional hand-made crafts such as woven carpets, cloths, and aprons, etc. Most of them are included in our proposed gastronomic trips that are part of the awards. The creation of this cookbook is partly supported by the Western Balkans Fund, through the Gastronomic Map of the Western Balkans project.

To finish the project we need your support to organize one more trip to Albania and Bosnia and Herzegovina and to cover the additional costs of designing, editing, translating and printing our cookbook. All the rewards are our own authentic products, which we have been developing since The Balkan Cookbooks is a brand that we have developed in order to support our projects in the field of engaged art and democracy.

The rewards that we have for you include aprons, bags, T-shirts, postcards and cookbooks both Western Balkans and South Serbian cookbooks.

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However, we have also prepared gastronomic trips to our favorite restaurants, some of which we visited during our trips and learned their delightful recipes! Delays in printing - trying to get an end date from suppliers in Serbia can be a challenge. Au programme. Let us introduce you to delicious, traditional Greek food in non tourists areas and hidden spots in Athens.

The type of food and places you most probably wouldnt find on your own!

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We will visit small local streets and fish, meat, fruit and spice markets full of colour, scents and noise and eat fruits and olives from the farm and fresh fish and lamb with tasty lemon flavoured potatoes and Greek salad right inside the market. Try Greek coffee made the traditional way see it being made in a year old coffee shop.

Visit a cheese and deli shop and dare to try something with a twist - its a surprise! Discover Athens as we eat along the way and enjoy many traditional foods that you will not even have heard of before the tour along with some more familiar ones like a delicous gyros! You will feel like you know many people in Athens at the end of this tour! To do both tours please message for discount.

Message for child discounts. Other languages often available so please ask.

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Rachel And Michalis. Athenian Michalis and Rachel from Thessaloniki welcome you to our home city.

Our reviews show that we truly love what we do. All our tours are run by either one or both of us. We never use other guides.

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  8. Michalis has many memories to share of growing up in Athens. He is an expert in knowing the best market products and great, secret spots to eat and drink. His family are cooks and food has always been a passion that he enjoys sharing!

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    Rachel moved to Athens to fulfill her ambition to show people why she loves this city so much! Together we run www. Insta - foodaroundathens. FB - Food Around Athens.