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Do you look for excessive tattoos or a violent background? Or do you search deeper into their childhood, looking for patterns of abuse or the neglectful nature of an alcoholic parent? What sort of life would one believe they live? One filled with utter lonesomeness and regret? A life stricken with social anxiety and the inability to form meaningful relationships?

Many are known to lead normal, fruitful lives amongst us, some could even be your neighbors, your friends, or a town hero.

Nothing gives them more satisfaction than knowingly blending in with their potential victims. I assume many believe them to be criminal masterminds or undiscovered geniuses? Not to mention those who believe them to be blood-thirsty cannibals or beings with an insatiable appetite for murder, believing that all acts of violence gives them a twisted sense of pleasure.

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Sometimes seeing your victim rendered helpless under your grasp can send waves of pure bliss through your very core. I could claim my knowledge to extensive research or exclusive interviews but that would be too subtle. You would like me to further explain myself? Although you may not see me I can clearly see you.

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I can see your eyes searching around your neighborhood looking for an unknown car or an unfamiliar person. I can see the fear surface in your eyes as you stare at your computer screen in awe. Your hair looks so ravishing slinking across your shoulder like that. The hue of your eyes makes me want to stare into them forever. They make my job so much easier. The whiny yelp of your dog as I rip out its intestines. Do you hear me slowly ascending the staircase to your room?

You have a very lovely house, the sleek, marble coating will make my crime a lot easier to clean once my fun is done. I can hear your horrified whaling as I make my way to you. After all, there are only serial killers at any given time, surely, the odds should be in your favor? Is it bad that when he said that im looking out my window i was and im alone in my house?!?!

He shocked us by killing his wife. I believe the answervis 4. Whether she was going to die or not the next day, he would still be guilty. Her mother gave him an ultimatum: leave the criminal dealings with your family or she would divorce him. Oh, wow, Maureen. He chose the mob over his family.

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So sad that he chose that life over a wife and daughter that loved him. I think I see a trend here with 4, Betti. Another vote for 3. This is fun to see a broad range of answers, Suzanne! I am thinking 4 is false like most everyone else. I have never come into contact with a murderer, to my knowledge and thankfully.

Another vote for 4! I question if an autopsy performed on a body that has been beaten with a rubber hose could determine that someone had a disease that was going to kill them the next day. That sounds far-fetched to me.

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By the way, what was the answer for last week? I missed it. And the answer is 2. Thanks for commenting. I am going to say number one. You only said he hit her 15 times not that she was hit 15 times than died.

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But my sister was in the next dorm over from the one that Ted Bundy murdered thise girls in Florida. She promptly went back to Illinois.

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